The Last Jimmy: A Hip Hop Musical
October 25, 2014
8:00 PM
Freedom Theatre

Freedom Theatre

1346 N. Broad Street | Philadelphia, PA

Two Performances

Friday, October 24 

Saturday, October 25


Tickets | $30

Box Office: 215-978-8497


Music & Lyrics By DICE RAW

Written By Phillip S. Brown

Directed By Ozzie Jones


The plight of Black men in America is nearly universal – it’s all about surviving against the odds, and according to a recent study, for nearly half, it’s a losing battle in the fight to stay out of prison.

DICE RAW of the legendary Roots Crew paints a masterful portrait of the Black man trapped in his own mental prison and the prison of urban life…especially the countless numbers of endangered, young Black men caught in the industrial prison complex of Dice’s own Philadelphia and throughout the country.