The Last Jimmy: A Hip Hop Musical
July 30, 2016
2:00 PM
The Drake Hotel Theater

The Knight Foundation Presents
A Hip-Hop Musical Indictment of Mass Incarceration in America!
Music & Performance … Karl “Dice Raw” Jenkins
Written By … Phil Brown
Tickets $30 In Advance:

The Drake Hotel Theater
1512 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102


The Last Jimmy is a Hiphop musical created by Karl “Dice Raw” Jenkins, 5 time Grammy nominated writer and producer The ROOTS. The play was written by Phil Brown inspired by Dr. Michelle Alexander’s book the New Jim Crow.

Karl plays Jimmy the last black man in America to be incarcerated. The last Jimmy will be a special attraction fore attendees of the 2016 Democratic National Convention, and some prominent party officials are expected to attend.

Cleaning up the mess of decades of for-profit mass incarceration of Black, Hispanic and poor White Americans has become an important issue in the Democratic platform.

This celebrated Hip-Hop Musical is being presented at The Drake Hotel’s brand new Theater thanks to a grant from The Knight Foundation. Since it was first staged more than 3 years ago The Last Jimmy has helped encourage an important cultural conversation about mass incarceration. It also sparked controversy when it became clear that Kendrick Lamar borrowed heavily from The Last Jimmy for his nationally televised Grammy performance on the subject of mass incarceration.

Thought provoking material, Dice Raw’s music and performance in the lead role, Phil Brown’s script and the entire cast of The Last Jimmy make this the must-see performance of the summer.